Maggie Hernández is an abstract artist with a passion for strong color and movement. She is an intuitive painter whose images are highly influenced by her immediate surroundings. Moods inspired by music, spaces, events, and people are represented in her paintings by an iconography of contrasting shapes and colors. Bold strokes, crosses, spheres, lines, and drips are visible components of the hidden language present in Maggie’s work.

“Painting offers me the opportunity to center and shelter myself from the trappings of every day life. There my inner child can play and is able to celebrate and rejoice freely. Although my work often depicts stories unknown to the viewer, a joy for living is almost always reflected. I choose to show light where there is darkness and order where there is chaos. No matter the circumstances, I remain joyful and unchanged; my spirit unbroken. This is my personal resistance to influences of the outside world. And is the driving force behind my mission to inspire joyful resilience through creativity in all its forms.”

Maggie Hernández lives and works in New York City and studied fine art at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Hunter College, New York. Her work is privately collected throughout the U.S. and was acquired by Citibank for the Office of former CEO, Vikram Pandit.

Maggie owns and operates ButterflyMyst where through visual art, movement classes and personal development workshops she helps others to connect to their inner child and a state of joyful reliance all their own.